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Welcome to the gateway website incorporating all things to do with natural health. This site is being developed by the Natural Health Teaching Services or NHTS, which is registered as a Section 21 company not for gain

The Founding members represent 20 Modalities of Practice in the field of Natural Health. They are represented either as associations or schools for: Aura Soma, Directed Pressure Point Technique, Hypnotherapy, Shiatsu, Kinesiology, Bowen Technique, Brain Gym, Footology, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Wholism Healing, Life Alignment, Body Talk, Reiki, Herbology, Iridology, Postural Integration, Tellington Touch, Aquatic Bodywork, Biodanza, Equine & Animal Natural Healing Touch. We will constantly be inviting new associations and schools to join us.

The first objective being to create a transparent web based system for informing and tracking the progress of students across the boundaries of different natural health disciplines and for the recognition of existing practitioners, services and products in the natural health field.

The second objective of the NHTS is to create criteria for the use of a generic title for all practitioners in the area of Natural Health. The title chosen was simply..."Natural Health Practitioner"

2007 was all about workshopping a method of streamlining training so that the title Natural Health Practitioner could be used as a generic title upon graduation. This has been achieved and will be administered through this website. Practitioners who can meet the following criteria can obtain a listing and an endorsement from the NHTS. The criteria are listed here

It is our aim to have Natural Health Practitioner signboards on every corner in South Africa, making this industry very much part of choosing the natural option of taking care of your health issues.

NHTS aims at promoting the use of Natural Health practitioners, personal growth workshops with teachers in our profession, and the pursuit of a career in this industry, as primary to its aims. We wish to do this via magazines, our website, our boards, TV programs, festivals and newspapers.

We know that unity in our industry needs to be balanced with maintenance and promotion of individual uniqueness. We will maintain the personal touch and continue to support the development and introduction of new methods and ideas.

Choose the natural option, make the best of yourself and this wonderful world we live in. Natural Health is a Choice.

Please see the about us section for more information on how we see the way forward.

This site is very much a work in progress and functionality will be added on an ongoing basis. If you have any input to offer then please contact us

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