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About Us...

Due to the fantastic advances in website technology the NHTS is in a position to act as a recorder of objectives achieved in all the natural health modalities including specialisations and personal growth courses. It is therefore able to recognise the prior learning of practitioners in the field and those of students still in training. This enables us to create a transparent record of a person's abilities so that members of the public can truly appreciate what goes into the attainment of the title Natural Health Practitioner and into the attainment of certifications in the various specialisations.

For natural health practitioners...

We envisage seeing the www.naturalhealthaccess.info site advertised in every hard copy magazine supporting Natural Health.

We see your website linked to ours introducing you personally to new clients.

We see ourselves promoting you at all the festivals and conventions supporting Natural Health.

We see ourselves encouraging the South African public to take the “Natural Option”

We see ourselves informing the public of the marvels of your modality.

For schools and associations...

NHTS looks forward to listing more of the top teachers and schools in South Africa. We ourselves are not a school just your gateway to the best international and South African teachers, trainers and instructors.

We have made it our core objective to make Natural Health Practice a highly desirable career option for school leavers, mid-life career starters and changers, part time work from home parents and a highly desirable post retirement occupation.

Our system makes your training seamless no matter how many teachers you choose to approach.

We look forward to endorsing your training to the public and to the government.

We are further arrange reciprocity with various professional bodies in order to offer their members group benefits and insure that their training criteria have been met.

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