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After experiencing my first Life Alignment session in 2002 I was so fascinated that it was possible to find information from my bodyís energy field that I decided I wanted to learn the technique. I enrolled as a Life Alignment student the following year and also qualified as a Reiki Master and Spiritual Healer.

I have been a full time practitioner since 2004. I incorporate these modalities into my healing practice which is based at my home in La Lucia Durban.

I teach Body Spin which is entry level into Life Alignment and Module 1. Regular courses are held in Morningside Berea. Private courses for minimum of 6 persons can be arranged nationally to suit your venue / timetable.

I specialize in Home and Organisation Alignment which is applied to balancing the land and spaces of domestic homes and commercial buildings.

I have been self employed since the age of 21yrs and I believe that my positive self motivating personality has rewarded me with handling lifeís ups and downs constructively.

For some time I had been searching for a deeper purpose to life and wanted something that I could feel passionate about. This fulfillment came from helping people to transform their subconscious patterns and emotional issues that held them back from living a happy and healthy life.

My Personal Journey to healing my body and mind:

Due to marital stress during the1990s I took a keen interest in psychology, philosophy and esoteric subjects. This encouraged me to do extensive work on my own personal growth and self awareness over the years. I attended numerous courses and workshops and I became a Life Line counselor in 1994.

Around the same time I started transcendental meditation. Initially every time I meditated I would cry without really understanding why. I was told that this happened to some people as it was a way of releasing blocked emotions. I carried on meditating on a regular basis because I thought it would help to overcome the extreme tiredness I would experience around 10am. I could not understand why I was always so tired even after having a perfectly good nights sleep. Looking back I now realize my fatigue was due to a combination of emotional stress and diet.

A friend suggested that I I try a range of nutritional products. The results were quite rapid, in just a few days I could feel the difference! The bloated tummy subsided and I felt more energized.

Realizing the importance of nutrition to health I started to promote the range of natural products that had benefited me so much. I helped people get amazing results with their health and weight loss. It gave me great joy and satisfaction improving the quality of peopleís lives.

I arrived in S.A in 1979 at the age of 21yrs as a qualified London hair stylist and within 9 months of being in the country I was the proud owner of one of Durbanís top hair salons. I was one of the first hair stylists in Natal to introduce Indian Head massage into my salon. The reason Iím telling you this story is because this is when I began to develop my intuition and could sense some clientís emotions whilst giving the massage. I would feel a strong vibration at the top of some clients head. What I didnít know then was that I was working in the crown chakra without even realizing it!

Somehow I instinctively knew that there was more to this that needed to be explored. Hence the passion for Energy healing and gaining knowledge was birthed and my 30 year hairdressing career was put to bed without ever looking back!

Barbara Brennan world renowned healer and teacher brought her first workshop to Cape Town in 2004. I arranged to be there so that I could compare techniques with what I had already learnt about energy healing through Life Alignment and Reiki.

The combined studies were a wonderful empowering journey that has shown me my higher purpose and passion to assist others. I continue to educate myself as an ongoing process by attending work shops, reading books and health magazines written by scientists and doctors that back up and support energy healing. My most recent work shop was with Dr John Demartini. The Breakthrough Experience.

My intention is to impart my knowledge and create awareness to those who are seeking to maximize the quality of their life. I have written a series of articles on Holistic healing for a local news paper. I also give public talks and demonstrations on Energy healing. Apart from NHTS I am also a member or THE HEALING ASSOCIATION OF S.A. THASA REG NO 215 and THE BRITISH DOWSERS ASSOCIATION.

In my free time my favourite place to rejuvenate my soul is at the beach. I am a dive master and have been diving for 18 years. I love to walk / hike either at the beach or the mountains. To keep fit I attend regualr Pilates classes.

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NameChristine Hardy
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Specialist qualificationsLife Alignment mod1-5 Body Spin.Vortex
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Practice/Training venueMorningside and Berea
Postal addressP O Box 1915
Mt Edgecombe Country Club
AvailabilityCourses weekends and on request 6 persons
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Life Alignment
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Life Alignment Association
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