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I came to a stage in my life were I felt oppressed by western medicine, as it attempted to take control over my physical body, not in any way considering my spiritual and emotional being. An inner knowing stopped me from believing and trusting this limited system. The search began. I researched the various alternative healing modalities and took part in numerous workshops. After Reiki 1 and 2, I came across BodyTalk. I experienced an amazing transformation; healing and awareness occurred in both my physical body as well as in my mind and spirit.

I realized that not only I, but everyone, is in the search for the same thing:

A harmonious, balanced and healthy life!

With BodyTalk Modules 1,2,3,4/7,5,6,9, AnimalTalk, Orthopeadic Evaluation, BreakTrough 1 & 2, MindScape 1 & 2, Right Brain and PaRama, taught only by John Veltheim, I am able to guide the client’s body to heal itself. Together with another BodyTalk Practitioner I founded “The BodyTalk Place”. I have had incredible results and am amazed to see how BodyTalk transforms people’s lives on all levels of being. This journey of constant healing and growth has been an amazing experience.
Hope to meet you soon for your first BodyTalk experience!
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NameDagmar Bruns
Contact nameDagmar
Specialist qualificationsCertified BodyTalk Practitioner
PaRama BodyTalk
BreakThrough Facilitator
Telephone 10726580772
Telephone 2
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Cell 2
Practice/Training venueThe BodyTalk Place
4 Oak Ave
Postal addressP.O. Box 1029
AvailabilityBy Appointment, Mondays to Saturdays
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BodyTalk South Africa Members Association
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