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In order to change your life, you must change your mind:

BodyTalk has helped me do just that, change my mind. It has helped me look at my life differently, and accept responsibility for my own health and happiness.

Do you want to change your life? Let BodyTalk help you change your mind.

About me:

I have dabbled in philosophy, astrology, healing, shiatsu, massage and reiki over the years on my journey of discovery through my own health issues (Label: a degenerative muscle disease).

I started studying Taijiquan in 1993 and then Qigong in 1998. I continued my studies in traditional Chinese Martial Arts in South Africa, Hong Kong, China and Malaysia and became a Taijiquan instructor. I now run a 'seated' class where I share Taijiquan and Qigong with people with disabilities e.g. stroke, Down's syndrome and Cerebral Palsy and an 'aqua' Taiji class for my able bodied students.

BodyTalk and me:

I went for my first BodyTalk session in 2003 and was instantly hooked. A month later I went to a free lecture on BodyTalk, then almost immediately into Modules 1 & 2, followed closely by Modules 3 & 6. I have since completed modules 4 & 7, Mindscape, Module 9, Right Brain, BodyTalk Access, Orthopedic Evaluation, Body Chemistry specifics and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) for Bodytalkers and Advanced Module Integration.

A friend asked me "Are you completely re-educating yourself?" Yes, I am, through BodyTalk.

I am a computer programmer by profession and the logic of following a flowchart appeals to me. I have, over the years, had every Tom, Dick and Harry telling me what I should or should not be doing, trying or taking for this disease. BodyTalk doesn't diagnose or prescribe, it allows the innate wisdom of the body to highlight the issues it needs to address right now.

This system incorporates every modality I have ever dabbled in. It satisfies my desire to constantly learn new things, and allows me to just be myself at this moment in time. My journey has shown me ways of helping myself and also helping others along the way.


I offer distance sessions (email or skype) or hands-on BodyTalk sessions from my treatment room at home.

Call me for a chat or to book a session.

I also have some FUN tools in my ToolKit:
The Destiny Game and the Transformation Game - call me for more information
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NameDawn Pilatowicz
Contact name
Specialist qualificationsCertified BodyTalk Practitioner
Telephone 1021 788 8357
Telephone 2
Cell 1083 226 8250
Cell 2
Practice/Training venue85 Eastlake Drive
Marina da Gama
Postal addressP O Box 30196
AvailabilityMon - Fri 10:00 - 16:00
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BodyTalk South Africa Members Association
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