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Lesley Witham, is the principle and founder of Energetic Health Practices, a Kinesiology training school and practice situated in Allan’s Nek, western Johannesburg.

Her natural organisational and empathetic skills have allowed her to develop a very successful, busy practice. She has been teaching Kinesiology since 2004.

Lesley teaches ‘Touch for Health’, Professional Kinesiology Practitioner Diploma, K-Power and mini Kinesiology courses part time on weekends and evenings.

Specialised Kinesiologists are trained to use muscle testing to ascertain how the neurology of a person is functioning relative to how well they are adapting to the situations in their lives. This can uncover any physical, emotional, nutritional, allergic reactions and mindset imbalances. If we are unable to adapt with ease we could ‘die’ from ‘dis’-ease caused directly by our inability to cope with change and stress.

Through varied techniques, coming from chiropractic, traditional Chinese meridian therapy, naturopathy, neuro-therapy and many other similar, non-invasive disciplines Kinesiologists are able to balance the stress and offer new neurological alternatives, thus enhancing quality of life.

Touch for Health

‘Touch for Health’ workshops were set up and today ‘Touch for Health’ is taught worldwide in many different countries and languages. It offers a simple, safe and effective way to maintain health and well being within the home, family and friends.

People asked for more so that they could use these techniques within their existing health care practices or to have enough training to set themselves up as Kinesiologists. Specialised Kinesiology has developed out of this.

Dr Bruce Dewe and his wife Joan, both TFH instructors, developed a deeper and more intense study of Kinesiology called Professional Kinesiology Practice (PKP). PKP is a fully recognized Diploma Course in New Zealand (+ 5 years part time) and a Diploma course in Australia (+ 2 years part time). Other parts of the world are working toward similar recognition, as is South Africa.

Lesley has come from a very open background where her parents allowed her free choice in her beliefs and ideas. She has developed a very open and esoteric outlook on life so that most situations do not phase her and she is able to allow her clients and students to feel safe and free to speak their truths.

Since 1998, when Lesley started her Kinesiology training by doing Touch for Health her studies in this field have been ongoing. She has had the privilege of being taught by some of the founding members of Kinesiology and very knowledgeable South African teachers. Dr Bruce and Mrs. Joan Dewe from New Zealand, taught her some of her Professional Kinesiology Practitioner (PKP) training. They are the authors of PKP. Mrs. Toni Gralton, Dean of the Faculty of Touch for Health from Australia, Andrew Verity founder of Neuro Training, Australia have also been instrumental in her training and development.

Lesley is currently the national chairperson of the Association of Specialised Kinesiology South Africa and also serves on the Gauteng regional branch of the association.

Lesley is married, the mother of 4 children and has 7 grandchildren. She leads an extremely active life with her job, which she is passionate about. She also practises Kundalini Yoga with her husband, a Kundalini Yoga instructor.
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NameLesley Gail Witham
Contact nameLesley Gail Witham
Specialist qualificationsFaculty of ICPKP and Touc for Health
Telephone 1011 457 1247
Telephone 2
Cell 1082 955 1221
Cell 2
Practice/Training venue894 Bushbuck Turn, Allen’s Nek, Ext 2, Roodepoort
Postal addressPO Box 1444, Allen’s Nek1737
AvailabilityWeekdays 9am to 5pm. Teach week-ends
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Basic Kinesiology Practice
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