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About Rita Edwards
Rita Edwards is a qualified Sensory Integration Therapist with an occupational therapy background. She is also a licensed Brain Gym instructor and Educational Kinesiologist. She recently qualified as a Cranial Sacral Therapist and is a Reiki practitioner. Rita has worked for more than 30 years with children and adults presenting with learning and stress related difficulties using an eclectic approach including sensory integrative therapy and Brain Gym

Rita has combined techniques from all these disciplines in her courses
In – Synch 1- Integrating the Senses through Movements, which is being taught internationally in Europe, America, Australia, Southern Africa, and Asia, and
In Synch 2 – Moving Beyond the Senses – in the pilot phase for Edu-K Foundation approval. This course has been approved and accredited for university credits through the Brain Gym International Foundation for Educational Kinesiology based in Ventura California (licensed through the State of Southern California.) Rita has taught the course in more than 13 countries over the last five years.
She is currently piloting the second level of this training called In Synch 2, which she presented at the International Educational Kinesiology Gathering in Milwaukee in July 2004.
She is an international faculty trainer for Brain Gym International, teaching the advanced courses in Brain Gym/ Educational Kinesiology in South Africa and in Singapore and Bahrain, where she acts as mentor for new Brain Gym instructors.
Rita and her family live in the Marina da Gama, in Cape Town South Africa.

Recent Presentations:
Putting Africa into Edu-K to put Edu-K into Africa: Paper presented at International Conference for Educational Kinesiology Colorado Springs USA 1995
Adding an Eighth Dimension to the In-depth: The Vestibular System: Paper and experiential presentation at International Conference for Educational Kinesiology: Toronto, Canada 1997
Brain Gym and Sensory Integration: Two-day post-conference presentation: International Educational Kinesiology Conference Kauai, Hawaii 2000
Integrating the Senses with Brain Gym: Experiential presentation at International Kinesiology Conference Kirzhauten, Germany 2001
In Synch 1 –Post Gathering Workshops: International Edu-K Gathering Norfolk Virginia USA 2002
Living your Senses: UK Educational Kinesiology conference York 2003
Integrating the Senses for Integrated Living: Experiential presentation at Brain Gym International Conference Milwaukee July 2004
Accelerate Preschool Enrichment Programmes 1982-1997– authored and published by Rita Edwards –currently out of print.

Rita has had numerous articles published in International Brain Gym Journal, Odyssey Magazine, and a number of woman’s magazines.

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NameRita Edwards
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Telephone 1021 702 2085
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Practice/Training venue7 Lente Road Kirstenhof 7945
Postal address7 Lente Road Kirstenhof 7945
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Cranio-Sacral therapy
Brain Gym
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