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Life Alignment has been a blessing in my life. Not only did it and is it helping me heal, I have also found my calling in life!

I began this path through suffering which could no longer be suppressed, when I started having panic attacks.  After a long process of trying to find out what was wrong with me (we were living in Mozambique at the time, where Doctors barely spoke English) I was finally correctly diagnosed with panic attacks and given medication.  The medication came as great relief and it gave me the sanity of mind to look for help.  I found a Life Alignment Practitioner named Arleen Hanks and within a year of going for bi-monthly sessions with her, my panic attacks were gone, I had weaned myself off the medication and I had a very good understanding of what was really going on when I panicked. 

I realised then that this work (Life Alignment) was what I would love to do – working with people to re-connect them with their inner wisdom and truth to create lives that they love living!

I am now fulfilling my childhood dreams of helping people and of teaching (I teach of six of the nine modules of Life Alignment) and my adult interest of working with Feng Shui and Geomancy through the Vortex Home Alignment side of Life alignment. I have spent my life learning for this role and happily I am still learning every day.

I am passionate about bringing people into alignment with the greater whole, through life’s healing energy – love.
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NameTanya Harris
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Specialist qualificationsCertified Life Alignment Teacher & Practitioner
Telephone 1021-557 5529
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Cell 1082 390 4865
Cell 2
Practice/Training venue4 Pinto Street, Table View, 7441
Postal address4 Pinto Street, Table View, 7441
AvailabilityTues - Sat from 9:00am till 8:00pm by arrangement
Listed modalities
Life Alignment
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Life Alignment Practitioner
Advanced Life Alignment Practitioner
Home Alignment Practitioner
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