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Modality detail for Brain Gym
DescriptionBrain Gym® is a way to get your brain switched on and your body working efficiently. It shows you how to deal effectively with stress by drawing out your innate potentials. It is a way to get your whole brain and body working together for more efficient functioning in work, sport, school and personal achievements.  In the first level of training (100 hrs.) you learn about the importance of movement for learning and performance, and how the brain develops based on how the body develops. You will learn the Brain Gym® Movements and how to use them.  The Brain Gym movements prepare children and adults with the physical skills they need in order to learn to read, write, and otherwise function effectively in the classroom, workplace and on the sportsfield. Register with BGSA as Brain Gym Movement Facilitator. At the second level of training (200 hrs.) you learn how to use the movements in a balance to work with children and adults with learning differences.  Learn how to integrate the early childhood reflexes, the senses and the core muscles. Learn how to do a brain profile and how to balance the eyes and the ears for more effective visual and auditory learning. Register with Brain Gym South Africa as Brain Gym Integration Facilitator. At the third level of training (20hrs.) you are introduced to working with natural body energy through the meridian system. Learn how to identify the emotion behind the issue, and how to integrate the mind/body system at a very deep level using energy work and neural muscular facilitation. Register with Brain Gym South Africa as Brain Gym Consultant. At the Brain Gym Extension level (300hrs.) you are encouraged to take courses in Quantum Touch, Quantum Energetix, Specialized Kinesiology and Cranio-Sacral Therapy and other NHTS endorsed courses to enhance your skills as Brain Gym Consultants.  After completing a further 400hrs. of NHTS required courses , you can register as a Brain Gym Natural Health Practitioner with NHTS.Practitioners of Brain Gym Natural Health usually start their own practices and work either with individuals or within schools, organizations, in business and with sports groups. There are lots of opportunities to practice what you learn in this modality
Courses offered
IDCourse namePre-requisites
BGCBrain Gym ConsultantBrain GymŪ Integration Facilitator
BGIBrain Gym InstructorBrain GymŪ Consultant
BGIFBrain Gym Integration FacilitatorBrain GymŪ Movement Facilitator
BGMFBrain Gym Movement FacilitatorMatric or equivalent life experience
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