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Modality detail for Cranio-Sacral therapy

Cranio-Sacral Therapy (CST) is an gentle form of bodywork which evaluates and improves the activity of the craniosacral system.  Anatomically, this system comprises the brain and spinal cord, their surrounding fluids and membranes (the meninges), the bones of the cranium and spine, and the nerves emanating there from.  At the physiological level, this system forms a whole-body communication network of nervous tissues and their hormone rich fluids. 

 Over the past several decades it has been discovered that, like the respiratory and cardio-vascular systems, the craniosacral system has its own rhythmic pulsation—slow but regular ‘tidal’ waves rolling through the system and reverberating throughout the body.  Indeed, this pulsation is evident in the embryo before it has a heart or lungs.  It is there in sickness and in health.  It is there in a person in coma and in the most hyperactive child.  It is there in all of us mammals and the last pulsation to leave the body in death.  This is the primal breath, the ‘chi’ or ‘life force’ that comes before all else and sets the core parameters for the organism.

 And it is palpable!  Tidal fluctuations can be sensed, worked with, followed, shaped, pumped, instilled and channeled.  It can be worked with to reset the internal clocks of the system, to rebalance metabolic cycles and trigger healing in severely traumatised people of all ages. 

CST is renouned for its way of working with babies, mothers and youngsters./ It has wide applications in learning disorders, in immune system recovery, and developmental disorders. And so, around the world over the past few decades, thousands of holistically inclined practitioners from many different disciplines have studied and integrated CST into their work.  Many have come to CST because they wanted to work really creatively and safely with children.

The art and science, the healer and the doctor come together in the cranial way, each to the benefit of the other and especially their clients.

For more informationavailable at www.cranial.za.org

Courses offered
IDCourse namePre-requisites
CSTCranio-Sacral TherapyBasic APP and Prior Bodywork experience
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