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Modality detail for Life Alignment

Life Alignment is a series of vibrational energy healing systems including Body Alignment Technique and the revolutionary Vortex Technology, developed by Dr Jeff Levin. Body Alignment is used to facilitate the restoration of balance and harmony between the physical, emotional, mental and causal bodies (auric bodies and physical), thus allowing the return of health to the client.  This is achieved through the identification, location and ultimately the release of negative energy blockages in the various bodies.  It is known that each cell in our body has its own form of energy and when negative emotions are not dealt with, these energy systems are weakened causing our bodies to shutdown or become diseased.The practitioner uses Applied Kinesiology to source the problem, the body guides the practitioner to ask very specific questions about a particular time or event, without having influence from the egotistical mind but rather your higher being.  You are lead to deal with the problem through identifying the negative emotions around that "time" and release them by understanding the life lesson of that particular event. Only once these blockages are sourced and cleared can we begin to heal and our lives become balanced.

Through his many, many years of practice and research, Dr Levin has refined an emotional release process that is deeply effective.  This process, together with the Vortex technology, forms the backbone of all the LA systems. Life Alignment is unique in that it also seeks to address the relationship between the client and the environment in which he/she lives and works. Using Vortex technology to remedy the negative effects of electro magnetic radiations and geopathic stress, LA is a profound tool for healing both the individual and the environment.  Vortex technology is a new spiritual technology that harnesses specific frequencies in the magnetic field produced by magnetic cards. 

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Courses offered
IDCourse namePre-requisites
LABALife Alignment PractitionerNone
LABSSpecialisationsVarious: refer to each module
LALPAdvanced Life Alignment PractitionerLife Alignment Practitioner
LAVAHome Alignment PractitionerLife Alignment Practitioner
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