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Modality detail for Wholism Healing

Wholism Healing healing works with the whole body - not just the physical aspects, we look at emotional, mental and spiritual aspects as well, bringing into balance all parts of the individual.  We look at more than just the discomfort, dysfunction and/or disease experienced by the individual, we also look at his/her level of stress, expectations he/she has of self and that others have of him/her.  We look at the part trauma has played or is playing in his/her life, and how this has been managed.  We look at the "baggage" still carried from childhood and how this can still be playing out in the present.   The training is experiential, not theoretical, and the trainee is expected to undergo all that he/she learns.  In this way they will grow their own "toolbox" of experience and when dealing with a client, the practitioner will understand what does and does nor work, and will be able to vary the treatment as and when required.

Courses offered
IDCourse namePre-requisites
WHOWholism HealingNo educational requirements are required, but emotional/mental stablity is important, and a sincere desire to grow in personal maturity. Courage, commitment and determination will be greatly rewarded.
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