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Newsletter 1
Newsletter – Oct 2008

The first NHTS Newsletter. This is quite auspicious for me even though I am faced with rather a strange situation: I am writing a newsletter largely about my activities. I look forward to, in future, having a reporter person do this in my stead, as they will be able to canvass opinion, and criticise, and I will get some benefit from seeing where I can improve matters. Hopefully this newsletter is a start in improving communication as I feel so out of touch with you all having had no regular work meetings this year.

NHTS was largely a registered section 21 company think tank in 2007. Teachers from 20 modalities put their heads together to hammer out a format for unity in our industry. The time they devoted to this aspect of the task will only be truly appreciated in the future. The plan that arose was to recognize practitioners for a particular specialisation in the field of Natural Health and obtain Agreement from them to undergo certain core training applicable to all practitioners. (core training weekend in CT cancelled for now, see further down)

2008 has been about PUTTING THIS INTO ACTION, which together with Marion has been a largely solitary affair. We have had a few meetings of the board of directors and one with all Cape Town members, and two presentations to interested teachers and practitioners, one in Cape Town and one in Durban. The latter were aimed at obtaining feedback and sentiment about our plan so far: that feedback has been more than positive.

To those of you who may think we have forgotten about you, that is not the case, every person giving us info about their modality and position in the industry has us working on fine tuning our presentation. All of you will be largely responsible for spreading the word, which will be what next year will be about. I am feverishly working on a slicker presentation package so that you will look as good as possible in your efforts to promote the NHTS.

Congratulations to Chips Meggarsee, he has secured a postion as a Natural Health Practitioner to the Sri Lankan National Cricket team and leaves to spend time with them as soon as he gets his visa. This is such a great opportunity for him and puts Directed Pressure Point Technique on the international map with a flourish. Chips is a founding member of the NHTS and we wish him huge success on this adventure.

We are paying bills now so need to grow our funds. We have a web designer – so go to www.naturalhealthaccess.info regularly and make sure you refresh the webpage each time so you capture the changes. To do this you go to refresh or reload icon on your web browser. We pay Marion to be on administration duty every Monday from 9.00 till 2.00, so that is a good time to contact her with any questions or comments. 2008 is about getting all existing members fully loaded to the site so they can show off to their colleagues and bring them on board.

What have we achieved? We have a working website where you can sign up yourself, your colleagues and your students. The registration documents are also online. The only pages which need to be printed and faxed to Marion are those which require a signature. If you have a scanner you can scan them and email them to her. The rest can be filled in online and emailed to Marion. We also have a working database of courses and teachers are feverishly getting their courses written up with Marion's patient help. If she does the work for the teacher she charges for her time, which is only fair, and those who have used her services have been more than happy. My apologies to kinesiology teachers I am very close to putting up a framework of our courses for you to complete.

Core training for existing practitioners seeking endorsement is my current obsession. The more I research it the more I believe it will be possible to do this fully online without organising any actual workshop. Will update you, but October's 17th & 18th weekend is either cancelled or postponed.

This newsletter will go up on the site as will all future ones so that new people will have a record of the happenings as they have occurred. Every time a newsletter goes out all interested parties will be emailed or sms'd to say there is a new one on the site, so as not to bog your email files with excess NHTS stuff.

That is all from me now. Below I have outlined some general pieces of info in an attempt to consolidate our progress and what you have to do to stay or become involved.

Current state of progress.
Aims and objectives, to be a -

•Library of training objectives in the field of Natural Health. We are world leaders in this initiative and are already attracting international attention for our efforts.

•User friendly mechanism for students to make informed choices about training in Natural Health, and find a local school or teacher.

•Third party witness to a student's training and to be able to offer them endorsement once they have completed their period of study.

•Recognising body for prior learning and experience so that we can recognise the specialisations of practitioners in the field and approach them to offer them endorsement.

•Vehicle where the public can make use of the services of a Natural Health Practitioner in a fully transparent way. Seeking out the information they need about the practitioner’s specialisation and making an informed choice to use their services.

NHTS Vision, to...

Create a Natural Health Practitioner Listing using a recognition of training and experience mechanism as our reference for offering practitioners on that listing our endorsement. This endorsement would be to use the title 'Natural Health Practitioner' endorsed by the NHTS.

The Mission of NHTS endorsed Natural Health Practitioners

is to uphold the following approach:-

As an NHTS endorsed Natural Health Practitioner I undertake to facilitate my process of aligning a person with their natural intelligence on a physical, emotional, mental and/or etheric level. Both ancient and modern techniques are used in these processes.

The Title

“Natural Health Practitioner" became a natural option as we progressed with our brainstorming in 2007. Obviously anyone can use this title so we offer our listed practitioners a standardised name board which indicates they are endorsed by us and displays our web address for confirmation.

Actions to get listed.

If you have not yet listed, these are the steps you need to take:

1.Open the website www.naturalhealthaccess.info and go to the Get Listed button at the top. Complete this field of info and we are alerted to your desire to join us.

2.Go to the Information button and select Document Download and all applications for the different listings are there, download and complete the appropriate ones. Email them to Marion at info@naturalhealthaccess.info . The only documents that needs to be printed and faxed to her are pages that require your signature. They need to be printed and signed and faxed to 086 624 0210.

3.She will process these forms and upload your info to the website. Then she will send you an invoice. Our costs are also listed under the Information button by selecting Fee Structure. To assist you we are happy for you to divide this amount into bi-annual or quarterly payments.

4.Once you have completed all the above and paid your subs you receive a self-adhesive silver and black NHTS name decal which you can mount on the board of your choice. This decal remains the property of the NHTS and we reserve the right to withdraw your use of it should you fail to comply with our requirements.

It is my sincere hope that this first Newsletter helps existing members to consolidate their picture of the NHTS, and for new members and subscribers it helps to put them well and truly in the NHTS picture.

Ciou for now
Love and Light
Michela Collett
NHTS Director
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