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Welcome to 2009

Welcome to you all, fresh and eager for the new year. Watching Carte Blanche a Sunday or so ago I witnessed dogs trained to smell for cancer either via urine sample or filters holding elements of a persons breath. it was incredible to see the early diagnosis of cancer saving the lives of people these dogs didn't even know. I asked myself what the dogs were smelling and I decided they were smelling a common cancer smell pattern.  As Natural Health Practitioners we are trained to detect patterns in a persons spiritual, mental, emotional, physical or spiritual world, suggest and facilitate adjustments and monitor the changes. Out training determines how we do this. Natural health is all about an awareness of patterns. Wish we were as good as those dogs I saw.

This year's aims are:

Make each modality look complete with courses, teachers and schools all displayed so we can advertise and attract new students.

Set up regular internet advertising with corporate groups and natural health industry sites. First Deadline is end Feb.  So if all your info is up you will be specifically mentioned in that advertising.

Meet monthly to approve the core course training modules starting in February on Tuesday 24th from 7.00pm to 9.00pm at a venue to be confirmed, with the first module titled "The Concept of Natural Health".  All members are welcome to attend. As these core courses are completed they will be posted on the net for our practitioners to complete. We have extended the time period to complete all 10 of them to three years.

Finally you are all able to arrange your signboards.  Thank you Louise in Gauteng for this contact. They are truly beautiful and easy to organise. Gloated over mine throughout the Christmas Holidays. Email me at collett@tiscali.co.za for the info form or direct to info@goldsign.co.za. You will need to send Marius this form plus any additional digital logos you wish to display like association logos etc. He will send you a first proof. Once you have it perfect, he will email your final board to Marion to authorise that you are a paid up member. He will invoice you direct and once payment is confirmed he will make and post your board to you via your local Postnet office. You will love the result I was blown away by mine.

We are receiving good comments about the site, so get busy and get your stuff upto scratch, make your modality shine.

I urge you all to get your information posted on the site.  Teachers are getting responses already even though we have not even got to the part where we optimize this site. Remember that if you are on the site and your info is not complete it doesnt make for an efficient impression.

Modalities which are looking great and will be specifically mentioned in online advertising are Directed Pressure Point Technique, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Wholism Healing, Namakoshi Shiatsu, Reiki, Life Alignment and Kinesiology. They all show a course with a school or teacher where that course can be taken.

Blessings of light to all of you, your students and your clients from the NHTS for 2009.



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