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2009 newsletter

Dear NHTS members and visitors


I am writing this first newsletter after my election to Newsletter editor – after some significant delay, during which I have attempted – yet again, to restore order into my life..  I agreed to take on the position, but confess I am rather daunted by it, as I am not sure what it is that you would like.  After some time of debating with myself, I have chosen to just write and let you decide.


We had our second official AGM earlier this year.  It seems to be setting a pattern, dark and rainy night and only a few hardy souls appeared.  We had a larger turnout last year, but a larger number of you took the responsibility to send apologies. 


This was the first AGM after our previous angel stepped down, thank you Michaela for leading us so far on this magical and amazing journey.  And our new angel stepped up to carry the position of Chairperson, thank you Wilma!  The overwhelming message from the dynamic AGM was one of positive growth.  We have two amazingly effective marketing people, who collectively seem to have tremendous experience, skill and enthusiasm.  Welcome Kirsty and Sharon, under the strong leadership of Dale Fox.  We also now have a President, Beverley Wilkinson. Welcome.  I feel some sadness in saying a temporary farewell to Chips Meggerssee who has gone off to support the Sri Lankan cricket team in his professional capacity, for a while.


During the course of the AGM, I was asked to do a chakra balance on the NHTS with Dale acting as surrogate.  What came up was that we have been doing some wonderful work on making the NHTS into a viable, independent organisation, solidly grounded, well structured and perfectly capable of integrating as many new members as required.  A huge amount of work has gone into this.  Anyone who has managed to negotiate the hazardous journey of getting the matrix onto paper deserves a dozen gold stars.  This was an experience I have no wish to live through again, but what pride I feel when I look at them all on the NHTS website! Anyone not already on, I recommend doing it and joining us.


I would like, rather, to look at the benefits of belonging to the family of the NHTS.  We are offering so much to those who join, but we must not overlook what we have already achieved.  Some of the core courses will be available very soon. Others will be on once technical problems have been sorted out. The membership is growing, and things are moving fairly slowly – but steadily.  The underground buzz is that some members feel that nothing is happening.  I’m so sorry that this is the impression ‘out there’.  This is far from the truth.  There was a frantic rush a year of so ago, when some of us became mildly psychotic trying to get the matrix up, and to fill in multiples of forms, etc. 


All this is already on the website – and if your modality/teacher/course is not represented, then please contact us and rectify that.  Either register your modality, yourself, under our guidance, or contact your teacher and encourage him/her to register.  The thrust of the NHTS is to provide a means by which we can ensure that the quality of training offered is kept at the highest standard.  By meeting all the requirements, we ensure a certificate with “NHTS endorsed” is worth a great deal more than one that does not.


We are offering an opportunity to experience community dreaming.  Do you have a serious challenge in your practice. Would you like to join us in a multi-modality opportunity to problem-solve?  Come and share your knowledge experience how different healers and/or modalities deal with the same problem.  This will be held at One Circle, 85 Main Road, Muizenberg.  The cost to cover room rent, is R40.  Please contact Margaret Holton at wholism@absamail.co.za or 072 545 2542.  When?  We’re offering a choice between Monday afternoon, Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning.  Which suits you?


 I had a poster drawing pinned to the back of my bathroom door when I was young … now that dates me!  It showed a flirty young 20-something hippo, assuring me that ‘Today was the first day of the rest of my life!’  Well, this newsletter is the first of many, but only with your input.  I’m gathering information about NHTS listed courses (contact Marion at info@naturalhealthaccess.info to list yours) offered early in the new year.  Let me know what you’ve got on the boil.

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