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December NHTS newsletter

Dear NHTS Members and Visitors


This newsletter writing can get to be addictive and, surprisingly, has potential for lots of fun!


First order of business, I want to use this opportunity to wish you a wonderful end-of-year break and much peace and happiness to you, your families, clients, trainees, teachers and all those multitudes of folk who will enter your lives in the future.  I hesitate to speak out of turn; the whole world has become so frustratingly conscious of what one can say that is ‘politically correct’, and what is not.  So … Happy Silly Season to all of you.


Another thing that happens at this time of year is that Karin is sending out accounts.  Many thanks to all who’ve already paid because with this funding we can achieve so much more.  We need to pay loyal NHTS staff members who continue to give time to get systems up and running and there are exciting plans to jazz up the website and make it easier to negotiate (I know this is one of the most consistent complaints.  We all agree this is not – yet - a user-friendly website.) 


Our marketing folk are going to be handing out attractively presented information to potential members next year, and we will be offering current and new members the opportunity to become more visible.  Have you seen the impressive Natural Health Practitioner boards?  Made of brushed aluminium, they have space for the logo of the modalities you practice.  Smaller, magnetised ones attach to a car, and advertise for you as you potter around your daily business. Details of the boards are available from Marion. 


 I am so relieved to have an official title; when asked ‘What do you do?’ I proudly and confidently say ‘I’m a Natural Health Practitioner’.  Previously I mumbled and stumbled to explain myself… Wholism Healing is hard to define, but now I don’t have to say more than that.


The next newsletter, due in mid-January 2010 will give details of upcoming NHTS- approved courses presented by current members.  Please get this info to Marion soon in a short paragraph with all your contact details.  I will tell folk the course is happening – they can contact you for relevant information. 


I am also waiting for your response to the Multi-disciplinary solution seeking presentation. The limited attendance is booking up quickly.  Don't miss the first one as this is going to be innovative and valuable, and a concept unique to NHTS members.  We will present a situation, common to most of us, and then hold a discussion how the various modalities would deal with it.  You may be surprised to find that your approach is the one that leaves everyone bright-eyed and excited.  Alternatively, you may find inspiration from the way someone else deals with it.  I have found this for myself.  I have swopped treatments with quite a number of you, and it has widened my understanding and increased my ‘toolbox’ of options significantly.




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