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January 2010 newsletter

WHOLISM HEALING COURSESmoving towards balance and wholeness. Why is it Different?The basis of all healing is the ability to listen.  We work in small groups, to ensure personal attention.  As time passes, you find you grow into your own, unique, way of experiencing energy.  We work on each other so you interact with various other energy fields, and you receive healing from different perspectives.  You challenge the illusion of your limitations, and once you overcome these, you find your horizons opening up.  The information shared in these courses is very basic and yet comprehensive.  It can be combined with any existing modality, and can stand alone as a method of healing.  Much of what we do is repetitive, just moving deeper and deeper into working with your own intuition and inner knowledge.  (Established 1997)                                                                             FAQ:·        How Does This Qualify Me?  Registration with Wholism Healing Association of SA (WHASA), and Natural Health Training Service (NHTS).  ·                                                                                                           What Is The Value If I Am Not A Healer?  A significant increase in self-appreciation and interpersonal skills.  Can I Use This With Another Modality?  It complements all therapies·                                                                       How Does It Work?  Develop your own, unique way of working, incorporating your own natural skills and any previous life experience and/or training.·                                                                                                  How Long?  Two modules, each 1 x 4 hour session per week for 20 weeks, during school terms, only.·        Where?   ONE CIRCLE - 85 Main Road, Muizenberg, Cape Town. ·        Cost?  Two modules: R2 000 each; payment terms available. ·        Date Of Next Course: Thursday 1 April 2010; Sunday 7 March 2010,  


MODULE 1: BASIC:  The history of healing; Ethics/Code of Conduct; Vibration of energy; Subtle Anatomy; Various energy fields and how they interrelate; Personality and function of chakras; Listening skills and reality perception; Inner child issues and Soul purpose 

MODULE 2: ADVANCED:  Advanced subtle anatomy and physiology: Chakra resonance; Physical and non-verbal communication; Cellular memory and body intelligence; Understand/release deeply held trauma; Cellular memory; Inner child issues, and Soul purpose; Tools for self empowerment; Transition, loss and death; the spiritual dimension of Natural Shamanism

 Contact:           Margaret Holton, 072 545 2542 

wholism@absamail.co.za;   www.wholismhealing.co.za    

SOUTH AFRICA and DR JEFF LEVIN   Founder of Life Alignment International and Master Healer, International Teacher and group facilitator

JOURNEY THROUGH THE CHAKRAS SACRAL CHAKRAThroughout the three-day workshop, the Sacral Chakra Archetypes will be brought into balance, helping to align us with the qualities of trust, creativity, expression and emotional stability.Jeff will conduct many balances, both individual and group, which will be integrated through Sacral Chakra meditations, one-on-one dialogues, writing & movement exercises.                                       CAPE TOWN:     February 5th-7th:  R3000 incl VAT                                                                                 DURBAN:          March 6th-8th:  R3200 incl VAT                                                                                                                  SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRAThe Solar Plexus Chakra brings in the transformational element of change to self-will and power. Working on this Chakra helps to bridge the differences to accomplish wholeness.  It is about the power of the individual, to be unique, while celebrating our continued connection with all humanity. Together we will explore the archetypes of the Spiritual Warrior and the Drudge and issues of self-esteem, identity and self worth to return us to the seat of our personal power.                                                                                                       CAPE TOWN ONLY:       April 16th-18th:  R3000 VAT Incl

To book your place, download a registration form from www.life-alignment.com or contact our office  Life Alignment, Head Office, Fax mail:  0866711893021 7905950  b-align@mweb.co.za       www.life-alignment.com




Offering an introduction to Energy Healing; Body Spin balances aspects of our life experience; Health & emotional wellbeing, family, relationships, career, creativity, life purpose & environment.

Learn: use of Applied kinesiology (muscle testing); Dowsing with a pendulum; Balancing Vortex energy points & their connection with different parts of the body; Major and minor chakras; Emotional release process; Pain balancing.

Trained by Dr Jeff Levine, Doctor of Natural Medicine.

Date: Sat 26, Sunday 27 March 2010

Time: 8.30am to 4.30pm.

Venue: Albion Guest House, 7 Davaar Place, Morningside, Durban.

Investment: R2980.00 inclusive of Manual, chart, 2x Vortex cards.  Vortex pendulum, refreshments, BYO lunch.  Certificate upon successful completion of 20 case studies.

Booking deposit R1500
Contact details: Christine Hardy, Life Alignment Therapist/Teacher, Reiki Master, THASA accredited reg KZN215. Cell 092 373 5460/ christineh@tsol.co.za


                                                 Namikoshi Shiatsu School,    Cape Town

Introduction                                                                                                                                                                                         The Japan Shiatsu School started by Tokujiro Namikoshi was the first shiatsu school to be licensed in Japan, in 1957.  This form of shiatsu combines the traditional use of pressure points to stimulate the body’s self-healing processes with Western medicine’s understanding of physiology.  Unlike other forms of shiatsu it is not concerned with meridian energy flows. Because some knowledge of these can be useful to the practitioner an introduction to meridians is included in the course.The intention in shiatsu is to rebalance the body’s functions by releasing blockages and stimulating sluggish areas through stimulation of neurotransmitters. Referred pain from the internal organs affects the shoulders, arms, legs, back, abdomen, and chest   Nerve fibres transmit organic irregularities directly to the surface of the body.  Shiatsu applied to the oversensitive or muscularly tense parts of the surface of the body reverses this process, stimulating the internal organs to function optimally.  It also releases tension in muscles and joints, and stimulates circulation and lymph flow. This facilitates the person’s own self healing processes and can both prevent illness and encourage the healing process of existing physical problems.  Shiatsu is becoming more widely known as a healing modality and increasingly popular as people experience its powerful effect.   

Course details                                                                                                                                                                                               The course will be taught over 12 months. Classes will be 1 weekend each month.  This time spacing is to give students enough time to practice between sessions as without sufficient practice the technique will not be adequately mastered.                                                                                                                            There are 3 sections to the course, each of which will be examined:                                                                 1. Anatomy and Physiology                                                                                                                         2. Shiatsu practice including guidelines to treating some common conditions.                                                   3. Shiatsu theory which includes an introduction to meridian therapy and the  concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Written case studies are part of the certification process. 

 Contact  Marion Nixon   Phone 6965857   e-mail  healthworks@intekom.co.za                                        


                                                                                       Bowen Technique   

A course in The Original Bowen Technique is being offered in Cape Town.The course is taught Internationally and Accredited by the Academy in Australia.The original work was developed by Mr. Tom Bowen and documented by Ossie and Elaine Rentsh whohave made it their life's work to introduce the Technique to the world.

Bowen is especially effective for the relief of musculo-skeletal disorders from frozen shoulder, sciatica and sports injuries - headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive stress injuries. A wide range of digestive disturbances respond well, including colic and reflux. Respiratory and Hormonal disorders also respond well. Emotional stress, pregnancy related issues and childhood problems like bedwetting  and growing pains are also effectively addressed.

The course is very practical. Each Module is taught over a weekend.  Module 7 is the Accreditation Module. 

 2010 Course 

           Module 1 – March 6 – 7                                              Module 2 – March 13 -14                                                                     

            Module 3 – April 24 -25                                             Module 4 – May 29 -30         

            Module 5 – July 17 – 18                                             Module 6 – August 21 - 22

  Module 7 conducted by an overseas Instructor.  Date to be finalised. 

   Venue: Meadowridge Library. Cape Town.

   Times 9am to 5pm with a 1 hour lunch break. Teas and snacks provided.   

                      ABOUT YOUR INSTRUCTOR

              Jean  Nortje                                                                                                                                                                                      

Registered Nurse and Midwife with over 35 years experience.

Aromatherapist for 11 years.

Bowen Practitioner for 9 years and an Accredited Instructor for 4 years.

Chair of the Bowen Association of South Africa which is afiliated to the Bowtech
 Academy in Australia.



Phone: 021 712 7853

Cell: 082 707 8528

Email: macjeano@icon.co.zaWebsite: www.bowtech.comNhts website:www.naturalhealthaccess.infoS.A.Website: www.bowensa.com   


                                                    School of Authentic Thai Yoga Massage

Upcoming  Dates for Module 1 :

11th-13th March and 7th-9th May

Learn an Ancient Therapeutic Art-form that balances the system, releases emotional, mental and physical tension, and treats specific ailments

Become a Thai Massage Practitioner or gain healing Knowledge for yourself family and friends. 

Course info

Time : 8:30 am- 4:30 pm

Venue : Thai Yoga Studio Muizenberg

Fee : 2200 

For more info on how to register and full course description visit

 and more info on Thai Yoga Massage visit www.thaiyogamassage.yolasite.com or Email thaimassageschool@gmail.com 

or call Lisa on 073 838 0704

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