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Natural Health Practitioner criteria...

Practitioners who can meet the following four criteria can obtain a listing and an endorsement from the NHTS

  1. Satisfy NHTS that you hold a certification in a Natural Health specialisation statutory or non-statutory.
  2. Complete the core courses specified by NHTS. They are...
    • The NHTS Context of Natural Health Practice
    • Consulting and Interpersonal Skills
    • Bookkeeping - taxes & finances
    • Client Record Keeping and Practice Management
    • Presentation of Research Studies
    • Cultural Studies
    • Ethics and Values
    • Business and Entrepreneurial Skills
    • Principles of Nutrition
    • Self-care for the NHTS Practitioner
  3. State your availability to clients on the NHTS website, full time or part time (half days, evenings or weekends).
  4. Uphold the NHTS Approach, which is: ‘NHTS Practitioners undertake to facilitate their process of aligning a living being with it's "natural intelligence" on a physical, emotional, mental and/or etheric level. Both ancient and modern techniques are used in these processes.’
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